Atoka TN
2018 Recycling - Opt Out
Curbside Recycling

In 2018, the Town of Atoka will be adding curbside recycling service as a part of the basic residential solid waste collection program.  For existing trash customers, the Town is offering a one-time opt-out option where current customers can decline recycling service.  

If you are an existing trash customer and you want the recycling service, there is nothing you need to do.  A cart will be delivered in December and the monthly $4 fee will be applied to your utility account.  

To opt-out, please complete the below form.  Future changes to your utility account - including relocation to a new address in Atoka, opening the account in a new name or opening a new account - will result in the recycling service being added as a basic part of the solid waste service.  

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