Approximately $184,000 yearly returned to the Town of Atoka! Please  click more to read and watch the videos

TML's public education campaign focuses primarily on Restoring the historic revenue sharing relationship with the state, Returning those revenues to our municipal governments, and bringing tax Relief to the citizens you serve.  Use the link above to access our updated Member Campaign Kit.  You will find a table of contents which is linked to each section within the document.  The kit includes all the information you need to understand the history of these issues and talking points to answer legislators’ questions and to address and respond to arguments. It also includes an update of what additional state shared sales tax revenues each municipality would have received in FY21-22 had our legislation been adopted last year.    
In This Updated Member Campaign Kit You Will Find:
1. Updated Talking Points and Responses to Common Arguments
Our talking points and responses to common arguments will prepare you to speak with your legislators and ask them to commit to signing on as a cosponsor.  The talking points (pages 9-12) simplify the history, issues, and remedies.  Pages 24-31 answer common arguments we have encountered with legislators: the state has the fiscal resources to address these issues (page 24); cities and towns are not experiencing the same economic growth the state as a whole is enjoying (page 25); other state actions have hurt municipal budgets in the past decade (page 27); local governments have their share of the local option sales tax reduced by fees, sharing, and the single article cap (page 28). 
2. Campaign Outreach Guide with Sample Press Release and Letter to the Editor
We need your help.  Every community is different, and we need you to tell your community's story as only you can. Use our sample press release and letter to the editor to engage your local media outlets.  Enlist your community by relating how increased recurring revenues will allow you to respond to the needs of your citizens