Current Weather in Atoka

Located just north of Memphis, Tennessee, Atoka enjoys four distinct seasons every year with substantial growing time for flowers and produce in the spring, summer and fall.  Farmer stands dot the roadsides in and around Atoka and provide fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce to enjoy.

The climate is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities, lead an active lifestyle and want to avoid cold, snow-filled winters.  True, Atoka does see the occasional winter dusting but it often melts within hours of falling - minimizing impact on travel while still providing school students with a snow day from time to time.  And who doesn't love a snow day every once and a while ?

A mild winter climate, with average temperatures ranging from the upper 20s to the mid 40s, gives way to a very pleasant spring season as daily highs range from the 50s to the 80s between February and June.

July and August prove to be the hot and humid months in Atoka as temperatures climb into the 90s on an almost daily basis.  Cooling off as we head into the fall harvest season, daily averages drop back into the 70s and 80s as kids return to school each fall.

As far as precipitation, Atoka receives an average of just over 53 inches each year with August being the driest month (2.75 inches and December seeing the most rain fall (5.61 inches). 


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