What is a Roundabout ?
Roundabout Project

Roundabouts are intersections designed around a central island where traffic rotates in a counter-clockwise fashion - entering through a slight right turn, progressing around the intersection to the desired roadway and then exiting again through a slight right turn.  

The roundabout planned for the intersection of Atoka-Idaville and Rosemark Roads is envisioned as a single lane roundabout.  Vehicles approaching the intersection will proceed immediately into the intersection unless a vehicle already in the intersection is in that immediate space.  Vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way and vehicles entering will yield only if failure to do so would cause a collision.  Once in the roundabout, a vehicle should NEVER stop.  

Below is a helpful video from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) detailing the benefits of a roundabout and, more importantly, how to properly navigate through a modern roundabout.

The Atoka roundabout project envisions a single lane roundabout as opposed to larger, multi-lane traffic circles seen in major metropolitan areas like Washington, DC and London.  Below is an absolutely unhelpful video detailing the problems some travelers encounter when using larger, multi-lane traffic circles.

In Tipton County, drivers already encounter one roundabout - even if they don't recognize it.  The courthouse square in Covington is very similar to a roundabout in design and operation.  Traffic on the square travels in a counter-clockwise direction, has the right of way while in the traffic lane and exits either straight ahead or through a slight right turn.  


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