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Cops and Bobbers

Cops and Bobbers is a community policing event that is hosted by the Atoka Police Department. The purpose of this event is to use fishing as a tool to connect police officers and the youth of our communities. Officers work side by side with kids, helping them bait, cast, hook, and release fish all while bonding and learning that they are not so different from each other after all.  Fishing teaches patience, ingenuity, preparation, and humility. It is an activity almost anyone can do and afford. In the Cops & Bobbers program, cops and kids work and fish together which makes every day a good day.  Tennessee Wildlife Resource Officers provide demonstrations and education to any and all participants. Every child makes a connection and walks away with a prize (along with a few fish).

Rock the BlockPalanki RTB - Copy

This event celebrates the winding down of summer, the anticipation of school soon starting, and community.  This family -friendly event elicits a lot of whoaahs and aaahhhs and awww-rights as the Town of Atoka teams up with Gateway Baptist Church for an afternoon of rides, kid stations, music, dancing, hot-dogs, watermelons. snow-cones, community engagement followed by a 30 minute of amazing fireworks.  Born in 2013, this event continues to be a huge fundraiser for school supplies and it gives Atoka another reason to shine.

Safe Night Out
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The longest-running annual event in Atoka, Safe Night Out offers a safe, family-friendly Halloween event for the community. First held in 1997, the event continues to evolve and grow as new and exciting offerings are added every year. Safe Night Out is held at Nancy Lane Park every year close to Halloween.  Due to COVID in 2022, the event changed directions to make it a drive through event.  This allowed for citizens and guests the opportunity to drive though the "spooky" park, even giving way to a spooky competition between Town Divisions of service.  In 2022, over 500 packed vehicles made their way through this event.  

Citizen's Police Academy - (still under construction)

Our six-week Citizens' Police Academy presents an overview of a professional law enforcement agency striving to serve a dynamic, growing community. Through it, you will gain an appreciation for the complex, challenging issues facing police today, while having the opportunity to present your own concerns and questions regarding the direction of public safety in your Town. 

Department employees & guest instructors present each session and interact with participants on a very approachable level. Students network with senior APD staff and members of almost every facet of the APD. Your participation and interaction are an integral part of helping us all get to know one another better.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Live or work in Atoka
    • No felony convictions
    • No convictions for DUI, possession or sale of any controlled substance, or for any offense involving moral turpitude  
    • Participate in seven of the eight class sessions and graduation

Media Trailer / Speed Watch

What is the Media Trailer/ Speed Trailer?

Media Trailer will be used to initiate traffic calming thru either a pre-programmed or personally programmed message.
The Media Trailer has the ability to record pertinent traffic information regarding the posted speed limit, traffic flow and speeds and will be used to compile this information for traffic enforcement purposes. The Media Trailer has the ability and will be used to compile specific information such as speeds, volume, and traffic density on public ways and to warn motorists of traffic safety issues or hazards within the Town of Atoka.

Speed Watch is a program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding.  It is an education program designed to raise public awareness of the actual speeds drivers are traveling. Drivers get instant feedback of their speed from the radar trailer or other portable speed sign, displayed on the reader board as they pass by. Through the use of computerized data collection, the Atoka Police Department is able to obtain driving information from those motorists that go by a mobile radar station.


Speed Watch helps address traffic and speeding problems through:

  • Public and community awareness
  • Gathering speed related data
  • Police awareness

Speed Watch is a Community/Police Crime Prevention Program that offers a challenge to neighbors to help address the issue of speeding in their neighborhood. It also:

  • Provides data to police, schools and communities regarding traffic flow problems, traffic speeds, etc.
  • Saves communities money through evaluated allocation of police enforcement
  • Saves neighbors money and indignation by avoidance of speeding tickets

Volunteer Opportunities (still under construction)

Effective crime prevention requires a partnership between the police department and the community. This program strengthens that partnership by having citizens actively involved in various programs and events. It allows the Atoka Police Department to provide additional community services and helps provide support to functions within the department. These dedicated men and women volunteer their time and services to help make the Town of Atoka a safer place to live and work.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 18 years of age
  • No felony convictions
  • No non-traffic misdemeanors convictions within a year
  • Be of good, moral character
  • Desire to serve the Atoka community
How to apply

  • For more information on volunteering, please call Captain Chris Ellwood 901.837.5302 to discuss putting your unique interests and skills to work for your community.

*Additionally, an oral interview, background check, and fingerprinting will be required*