Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling

Solid Waste

The Town of Atoka offers residential solid waste collection community-wide as a service to our residents.  The curbside collection offers convenient, cost-effective trash service that is billed directly on existing utility accounts. 

The Town operates the trash collection program on a three-day collection cycle.  The Red Route will be collected on Mondays, the Blue Route will be collected on Tuesdays and the Green Route will be collected on Wednesdays.  Carts should be placed curbside for collection by 6 a.m. on the appropriate collection day.  To view the collection schedule map, click here.  

Customers can report a damaged trash can, request an additional can, request new service, and report a missed collection anytime. All of these issues can  be reported by calling (901) 837-5300.



The Town now offers curbside recycling collection as a part of our solid waste service - meaning that customers can easily and conveniently reduce the amount of material that heads to the landfill and help put those items back into productive use.  The service, running weekly, will pick up various paper, metal and plastic products in a single-stream of material - meaning there's no need to separate the items, just put your recyclable materials in the designated bin and place it curbside. That's it - fast, easy and green

Products accepted

  • Paper : Newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, cardboard, paper bags, etc.
  • Metal Cans : Aluminum cans, steel or tin cans, empty aerosol cans, etc.
  • Plastic : Plastic grades 1-7 (in a recycling logo on the package)
Collection will occur weekly - with the Red Route being collected on Thursdays and the Blue Route being collected on Fridays.  Please note that the recycling routes are different than the solid waste routes - so be sure to double-check your collection day by checking out the recycling map.  

You can also help reduce the amount of household waste you produce by using the recycling collection bins that are provided at the Tipton County Landfill at 8279 Old Highway 51 S in Brighton. Plastics, cardboard and newspaper goods are all accepted for recycling.  A regular dump pass is not required to recycle at the landfill.

Savings to our Customers

Since Atoka launched the service in 2013, we've saved our residents more than $1 million in trash fees and reduced the cost to the average household by nearly $100 per year.  By offering the service community-wide, the Town was able to offer the service at a considerable savings over the multiple vendors that were operating in Atoka before the service began.  

A Clean Atoka - It's In The Bag

Help keep Atoka clean by bagging your trash prior to placing it in the can.   Loose papers and small waste items that are not bagged can blow out of the can as it is emptied – littering the streets and clogging the storm water system. 

Use of an automated collection system requires your help to keep the service running smoothly and cleanly.  All items to be collected must be in a Town-provided can and placed curb-side for collection.  When placing your can at the curb, please place the can so the wheels are at the back of the can and the lid opening is facing the street. 

Please ensure that all household garbage is placed inside a Town-provided garbage can for collection.  Due to the use of automated garbage trucks, household garbage not placed inside the carts will not be collected.  Excess household garbage can be stacked inside the cart with the lid propped open.  The lid does not have to close for trash to be collected.  If needed, additional cans are available for a $10 per can monthly collection fee.

Service Holidays

The following are the holidays observed by the trash collection program :

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day*
  • Memorial Day*
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day*
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
When one of these holidays falls on or is observed on a Monday, trash collection will occur on Tuesday.  The three holidays followed by * above always occur on a Monday and will delay trash collection to Tuesday.  The other holidays move with the calendar and may either occur or be observed on a Monday. 

There are other holidays throughout the year – Presidents' Day, for example – that fall on a Monday where Town offices are closed but trash collection will occur. The only holidays observed by the trash collection program are those listed above.

Report an Issue

Atoka Public Works
Atoka Town Hall
334 Atoka-Munford Avenue
Phone: (901) 837-5300