Town of Atoka Awarded $448,874 Grant to Enhance Water and Sewer Systems

Atoka, Tennessee – March 12, 2024 – The Town of Atoka proudly announces its success in securing a significant grant totaling $448,875 from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD).  This grant, awarded through the Infrastructure Planning Grant (IPG) program is part of the state’s commitment to bolstering the long-term planning and development of water and sewer systems across rural communities.

TNECD, under the leadership of Governor Bill Lee and Commissioner Stuart C. McWhorter, has allocated nearly $11 million in funding to 50 deserving applicants through the IPG program.  The initiative, as part of the Rural Economic Opportunity Act, aims to fortify infrastructure capabilities and foster economic prosperity in Tennessee’s rural areas.

Governor Lee emphasized the significance of investing in infrastructure, stating “Ensuring all Tennesseans have access to clean water starts with investing in the right infrastructure.” He expressed gratitude to the General Assembly for their support in funding the program and commended the 50 grant recipients for their dedication to enhancing local infrastructure and planning for the future. 

This funding represents a significant opportunity for the Town of Atoka to enhance our water and sewer systems, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of our community for years to come. The Town of Atoka looks forward to utilizing the grant to implement vital improvements to its water and sewer infrastructure, contributing to the overall resilience and growth of the community.